Be inspired by: 60s blush tones

I’ve just recently gotten into Mad Men (I know, so late jumping on that bandwagon), and I can’t stop drooling over the costumes, color palettes and overall aesthetic (needless to say, the writing is fantastic as well).

I’m especially inspired by the show’s use of pink. Though Betty’s prim floral dresses, Peggy’s peach bow-neck blouses and Joan’s coral lipstick have given rise to runway inspiration and commercial sales, I particularly like how pink is integrated into the otherwise masculine set decoration. Sterling Cooper’s offices feature cotton candy doors, Joan and Greg’s apartment is painted a deep amaranth, and fictional ads and tv spots include sun-bleached shades of puce, salmon and rose. 

Love this! Easter floral inspiration…

A beautiful arrangement of ranunculus, tulips and daisies from Saipua in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The adorable flower and soap shop was just a short stroll from my old apartment and has recently become the go-to florist for the Manhattan fashion crowd.

Hydrangeas and roses at Bottega Louie, one of my favorite downtown Los Angeles restaurants. Order the portabella fries, the fettucine belmondo, the Moulin Rouge cocktail and grab a box of pretty pastel macaroons to go!

A dried flower and parchment paper flower arrangement from Flores del Sole will last until next Easter. Available on Etsy here. 

Peonies! My absolute favorite flowers from my absolute favorite San Francisco flower shop, Birch. The store also sells unique gifts and hard-to-find European magazines. 

How could I not include Martha, the Queen of Entertaining? I’m thinking I’ll dye the eggs to match the flowers. For once, a Martha Stewart craft that actually looks doable.