Macy’s highlights Brazilian fashion

After getting a shout-out from President Bill Clinton at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show earlier this month, Brazil is continuing to resonate with retailers. Macy’s just announced a promotion to highlight South America’s fastest growing economy and the fashion industry’s strongest international catwalk contender.

Launching on May 16th, the department store’s “A Magical Journey to Brasil” will feature designs, art, culture, fashion and accessories from Brazil. Though all 800 Macy’s stores will participate in the event, 300 select locations will feature curated shop-in-shops, showcasing capsule collections from both Brazilian designers and Macy’s designers. 

As someone who has been reporting on the Brazilian fashion market for the past several years, I’m thrilled that a huge retailer like Macy’s is giving Brazilian designers its endorsement. I’m hopeful that the merchandise selection reflects not only the energy of Brazilian culture, but the aesthetic of the country’s talented catwalk designers, from the cool carioca vibe of Cantao to the urban polish of Maria Bonita. Though I’m sure established Brazilian brands like Alexandre HerchcovitchMelissa, Havianas and Osklen will be featured, I’d love to see Macy’s tap some lesser known designers like Alessa, Coven and Printing. 

Brazilian brands have had a slow start breaking into the international market due to ever-changing customs, price inflation, sales tax and retailer margins, but this partnership with Macy’s has the potential to create more demand for Brazilian products. Still, before it can debut on the world stage in 2014 and again in 2016, it must do away with the bureaucratic red-tape.Alessa A/W 12