The Ultimate Boutique Peek: Shopikon

Above: One my favorite London stores, Labour and Wait, on Shopikon

In my years as a trend forecaster, I’ve done hundreds of hours of research and trip prep on the best stores, markets, cafes and specialty stores around the world. I’ve talked to locals, looked at online forums, interviewed experts and done my own aimless wandering (some of which have gotten me into some precarious situations). I know first hand how incredibly difficult it can be to keep up with all of the new openings that happen around the world every day - which is why I can’t get enough of my new obsession, Shopikon

Shopikon is both a website and app that provides information on the best independent boutiques, inspirational eateries, local finds and must-see places in various cities around the world. Users can browse through beautiful imagery of stores, read interviews with shoppe owners and share hotspots with friends. Currently, Shopikon only serves Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Vienna and London, but a Paris guide is coming soon and I’m sure they’ll be adding more cities in the future. 

It used to be that this insider info was only available on trend websites and in specialty guidebooks, but now its perfectly-packaged in an easy-to-use app for all. Tourists are no longer stuck differentiating the inventory at Zaras and H&Ms across the world, they can get a taste of each city’s local, living, breathing commerce. 

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